Tuesday, December 1, 2009

The Christmas "photo shoot"

So our usual Christmas card picture consists of a friend coming over (there have been many "photographers" throughout the years.. us wrangling cats or kids or both and trying our best to smile in front of the tree.. this year i tried something different. We were staying at my parents house for a night and i brought 3 black shirts. Note: I didn't notice until we got dressed that Chaz's had white paint on it (one strategically place hands took care of that miss hap) and we decided to do in front of my parents fireplace to take the picture. This year's photographer....My daddy. He did a great job..
The warm up pictures to make sure everyone was placed and the lighting was right.. Yes we are weird but if you know us that isn't a shocker.
And then we cat Chaz in our lap, placed the hand and my dad shot away!
the winner!!!

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