Friday, November 20, 2009

Random weekend to KC..

So after a stressful week we decided to "crash" my parents trip to Kansas City.. Why KC you may ask. Well while in Richmond my parents developed an undying love for Costco. I know we live and work in WM country so it is hard to fathom something else.. Anyways, mom and dad were heading up there in the motorhome and a trip for 2 quickly became a trip for 4 1/2.

One of the first purchases was remote control helicopters they are made for bigger kids but probably not specifically for one in his 30s and one in his 60s :) But Dad and Ryan had a blast with them (and still do) and Chaz loved to point and say "whats that???"
Littleman loves the motorhome.. he knows that when he opens the door the stairs come down. He thinks he is SOOOO big but look he is really SOOOO small.. The morning we were leaving we spent a few minutes just stretching our legs and running around in a little leafy area by the hotel. Chaz was having a blast running in the leaves...

He wanted to climb the tree.. so I helped..
It was a very fun, random weekend. Thanks for letting us crash the party mom and dad!!

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