Saturday, November 21, 2009

November .. really??

I cannot believe how fast this year has flown by! next thing you know it will be Christmas then New Year's YIKES!!

Anyways here are some randoms from November. Enjoy!!
As usual when we are at GaGa and PaPa's chaz wants to ride on the Rhino. He loves it!! Check out the shades on the three of us. Ryan and I rarely go without them and chaz refuses to wear them. However on this day he said "I want my glass" Too cute!
Randomly Chaz will "break it down" He dances, yells and runs like crazy! He is hilarious!
again at GaGa and Papa's~ Another thing that he loves is his Rhino aka his spiderman ride on toy.
The afternoon of my Dad's birthday was GORGEOUS!!! I swear it was 75 in the middle of November. So we headed outside to enjoy some football and the leaf pile (that papa so wonderfully left for Chaz to jump in)
Uncle Shane and Chaz playing football. They had such a blast. I wish this picture was 2 inches taller. The football was right at the tip of my brothers fingers. and the look on Chaz's face.... priceless!!
He LOVED the leaves!!
and he convinced his daddy to play in them too! (didn't take to much arm twisting :)
This picture is hilarious to me for so many reasons..First a GIANT butt shot of my husband, my 2 year old place is a very precarious position if daddy has any sort of gas and if you notice in the background.. that is my sweet daddy.. what is in his hand?? well that would be a pooper scooper.. Why? because when we all play, daddy still works Then Chaz had to play center like daddy did above..
My Aunt Sandra was very sweet and purchased this Snoopy and Woodstock music toy. He loved it. He carried it around for weeks and weeks.. I think we will have to leave it out after Christmas as he may be sad to see it be packed away.
Chaz and PaPa watching football.
I love this picture.. Chaz is (slowly) learning to potty train. We try to put him on the potty every chance we get. Well when we put him on the potty at GaGa's he noticed there was a phone. What better time to call someone huh? This time he was just playing be since then we have had some times where we really call people. Heck, he is 2 and can get away with it, right?
Sweet baby reading with his Gaga.
When we have the Schmidts over we usually "release" the boys into the upstairs room. It takes about 36 seconds for the room to go from neat and clean to a complete disaster area! I think it is really funny because they have such a good time doing it and it only takes me about 5 minutes to put it all back together.
and their favorite is the RockBand setup.. maybe there is music in their future like Fletcher's uncle Pete..
So this is not new to us but maybe to everyone else.. Chaz LOVES to shave, just like his Daddy. He likes to get all lathered up and Shave (please note the razor doesn't have a blade. He knows these are his razors and the others are Daddy's) Anyways he refuses to let us "help" him shave. "I big, I shave" oh he is so precious!

So I was off work one day and our house went from regular house to complete winter wonderland!! Chaz came in from school and ran directly to the tree. "my tree, my frist-mas tree" He loved, loved, loved it! Which made me SO happy. Really all I really wanted was for him to have the perfect reaction~ a mixture of excitement, curiosity and bliss! He did and it was perfect! Mommy's heart is full!
He then found a little box of old crappy ornaments I decided not to put on the tree. He decided they needed to go on the tree... and by on the tree I mean all on one branch. He was sooooo proud of himself. He kept saying "look momma, i put on tree. I love my frist-mas tree"

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