Sunday, November 22, 2009

Kiddo + Ponies = happiness!

So we went to eat at Damn Goode Pies (HIGHLY recommend) Before dinner we drove through the Lights of the Ozarks on the downtown Fayetteville square so after dinner (and during) all we heard was "horsies, horsies. I ride horsie" So what kind of parents would we be if we told him no? Very bad parents :) Of course we took him to ride the "horsies" We went last year and he loved them!
When we got there I took a picture of this pony. Oddly enough this is the one that Chaz rode.
The pictures never come out well as you are moving in and out of other parents and trying to get the shot before the horse turns..
Ryan and great and always walks next to chaz in order to make sure he feels safe. (note: it is roughly 40 degrees. I have no clue why my husband is wearing a Tshirt.. )

AGH.. and flipflops (i didn't noticed that until now :)
notice the giant bruise and knot on chaz's head? he took a headed on my parents sidewalk. It was terrible I was inside and could hear the thud.. it makes my stomach turn just thinking about it..
Chaz wanted to touch the Razorback..

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