Saturday, November 21, 2009

2 mangled cake

My dad and brother's birthday's are just 2 days apart so we usually celebrate them together. Shane came into town that weekend and we gathered to celebrate!
These two silly guys are two of my favorite in the world! They are both wonderful but complete opposites. I find them both very humorous, caring, genuine and fantastic!!
This is the "mean mug" face.
Silly face picture.. Dad didn't get the memo...
I love this picture of my brother.. He looks so completely happy.
Daddy straightening up the candles.. can you tell who i take after?? :)
Ice cream cakes are my Dad's nemesis.. they have been for as long as I can remember. Have you ever tried to cut an ice cream cake? impossible!!!!! So why not go at it which a direct dagger to the middle.
Did I mention my dad is very funny?? He has a quirky sense of humor (sometimes I only understand his humor but I think that is why we get along so well) He noticed a "TH" in the middle of the word birthday which could only stand for one thing "Teresa Hill" So again, why not carve the very middle of the cake out with a dagger in order to give your daughter a piece with her initials on it. I heart him!

The aftermath..
and we have to do the cheesy birthday pictures where you hold up what you got in front of you. I have these of every family member dating back as long as i can remember.. for every event~ birthdays, Christmas, Easter, graduation, wedding showers, baby showers.. you name it .. cheesy!

My lovely momma!The frame and photo Chaz gave his Papa for his birthday.. (random large light blub in the background.. i have no explanation but i just noticed it and it made me giggle)

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