Thursday, October 8, 2009

Papa's plane..."Ai-pane Ai-pane.. I go see Ai-pane"

My dad recently went on a long business trip so before he left we headed up to Bentonville to have dinner with my parents. We went to dinner in separate cars so that we could head back to Fayetteville. The entire way to dinner Chaz was yelling "Ai-pane Ai-pane. I go see Ai-pane" Where he got this we have no idea! But we decided to call the pilot in the car ahead of us (papa) to ask if Chaz could go see his plane.. Of course he said yes!

Now if you don't know the back story let me fill you in.. My dad has had his pilots licence for years. He currently owns a Cessna and is a VERY good pilot.. However, I am terrified to fly in any plane.. I have had this fear since I was young.. I love to travel, hate to fly.. It is a wonderful double edged sword I am living with here :) Needless to say i have not flown with Dad. I know i should but i am a chicken.. there i said it ... chicken.. Pretty much everyone in my family has flown but me... SO i have come to the realization I must go up...and soon because this little one below REALLY wants to go. And for all you fellow chickens out there, statistics show small planes are actually safer than big ones... believe it or not .. it is true..

Here is Chaz sitting in the pilots seat.. The picture is funny because i took it through the window. Anyways his Gaga is helping him put on his earphones.. This is really our only fear with him .. that he won't keep them on during the flight...

Checkin' out the controls..

Sitting on the back of the plane.. i think this will end up in a frame in dad's office

Sitting on the front of the plane..He thought this was funny at first and then was a little unsure of the whole thing.

With the prop

Hey look! Mommy actually got in the plane.. (baby steps, baby steps)

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