Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hogs vs A&M WOOO PIG!

So by the title blog you probably thought we packed up and headed to the new awesome cowboy stadium...NO.... had a awesome tailgate party in the backyard.....NO.... we had two cute little toddlers and some damn fine adults hanging around the house.. it was a good time had by all. Although there are no game time pictures I can still give you the fantastic score 47-19 HOGS!!

Chaz learning how to hold the guitar.. rock star! (if the football thing doesn't work out we have to have a backup)
Fletcher (refused to put his pants back on after a bathroom break) and Chaz playing in the ball pit.. look at those faces...SO happy!!

Fletcher doesn't look happy but he is just in between smiles in this picture.. They are having the best time.. look at chaz--Belly laugh!!

Fletcher likes to get on top of the climber and act like a pirate.. not sure why .. but it is cute!

It wasn't raining so we decided to pull out the new blow up slide --BIG thanks to my cousin and aunt for finding it for me! Chaz is anxiously waiting to go outside...

First up... Chaz. He figured it out in a split second.. feet in the holes, hands on the pulls and up you go!

Fletcher was also a big fan of the slide..
And of course they had to get the tee pee out and play.. Hands down the best hand me down gift yet!!

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