Wednesday, September 30, 2009

WOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Hogs vs. Georgia)

First Fayetteville game of the season Georgia.... the score was not so good 41 - 52 Georgia but we had a great time pregame tailgating...

We love the HOGS and we love to tailgate with our friends.. When the Hogs play David and crew roll into town and since this is really the only time of year we see them we try to make every effort to spend at least a few hours down by the stadium eating good food and praying for a good game.. Of course we have to sport the jersey.. with the "ra-back" as chaz SELF taught himself!
Why wouldn't you mow at the tailgate :)

Chaz playing Baggo... Look at that form! He is going to be a shark one day!

Now comes the "lining up" thing that he does.. all...the...time! Today's victim.. Red cups.

I have to say he is very meticulous in his odd behavior!

We bring the boys some toys and just let them roam free in the open area.. They had so much fun.. even when it began to rain!

I love that Jackson looks like he is pulling the chain on the mower..

chaz was playing with his bubbles and me being me was worried about him getting dirty... So i kept trying to help him with them (i don't know why i try) anyways he shot me this look that could have melted a hole in my head... "momma....i do bubbles"

We went home around nap time.. Full family nap! It was the best.. When Chaz woke up he got to play outside and had a special surprise that Izzy and Fletcher came over to play (sally had to stay home because she had the chicken pox.. yep, you heard me right! Chicken pox at 31.. and this is the third time she has had them!)

Chaz in the tee pee...He looks like Beavis and Butthead!

Fletcher took a much better Beavis and Butthead picture..

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