Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Stupid human tricks.. part 2

So if you saw the invite to the housewarming party you may have notice a note saying "a man sized slip n slide" We for those of you who left early (or at a decent hour) Yes, we did break it out.. OMG what a redneck thing to do.. But it was fun!

This is Hayley's husband Wes who was the "water supplier" please note my "shiny" husband in the background.. why is he "shiny" you ask..well that was Destiny's idea. She decided the water wasn't enough so she added cooking oil to the mix.. did I say redneck.. oh yes, i did!
here is Destiny giving directions to Wes on how to reposition the slide... maybe she has done this before?!?!?
action shot of Mike
again the repositioning.. notice the bricks to hold the slide down.. yes, mike and the brick had a little "meeting" OUCH!
Ryan's action shot!
Wes making sure everything was still in place .. notice: he is not in slip n slide gear.. he only did the water..
And the shot of our resident "shiny" slip n sliders
Stupid Human tricks #2 (I can't believe i just shared this!)

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