Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Big move...

So moving took a lot out of us.. and we only moved 4 minutes away from our old house..WOW! I am SO happy to be in our new house but i was very sad to leave our old house. I mean that house was our first house as a married couple, where i bought my first baby home and the place we called home for 6 years... but it was time to move on.

I did learn a lot when moving...

1) I have a small...LARGE addiction to baby/kid utensils.. are you kidding me???!?!?

2) i do not limit this addiction to baby/kid utensils.. i guess it is just a thing with me.. Note: this is a large office paper box. FULL of cooking utensils.. seriously? I don't even cook!

3) never try to sell your husbands Scooby collection when your (almost) 2 year old is present.. yes, that is him sacrificing himself for scooby...

4) no matter how cheap they may be you cannot sell your kids at a garage sale.. just kidding mom.. i would not have sold him :)

5) you are never to young to help move..

6) nothing is more fun than an empty room, grandpa, your best buddy and plastic golf balls. 7) when the bathrooms are not ready there is nothing wrong with giving the kid his first bath in the sink! 8) kids will play with anything that is available...9) the best toy ever made was a cardboard box.
10) nothing says "welcome" like you best bud and a little rockstar moment. 11) nothing says "home" like a happy, sleeping baby.. (his first night in the toddler bed..success!)

So here is an odd coincidence... The first day we moved into our old house on Hampton a random dog came to our house. We kept him for a few days until we could find his owner...and then when we moved into this house a random dog joined us on our first day.. "they" say it is good luck (although I have never figured out who "they" are)

So here is Sunna.. Now i have to say when she came up from the woods and my little guy was WAY across the yard I kind of..ok, REALLY freaked out! I ran across the yard, faster than and Olympic sprinter, and snatched up my little boy. Thank goodness my Mom and Dad were here to talk me off the ledge. Come to find out Sunna was a VERY friendly neighborhood dog who loved playing with Chaz and the water hose..

So this would be Round 1 of stupid human tricks.. Let me begin this wonderful story.. in our old living room we had a HUGE custom made entertainment center. I decided this would be our entertainment center.....upstairs in our new house. Well the boys attempted to get it up the stairs and after a few gouges in the wall we decided it was not going to go up that way.. well you don't tell us "no" so we called our friend at Hugg N Hall and he loaned us the equipment to take it over the upstairs deck.. Yep, i said it. somehow we thought this was a good idea (note: my mom made it a point to leave before the "festivities" began..

Chaz decided to put on Daddy's gloves to "help" I quickly decided he needed to go to bed before we started this adventure...
We "invited" Jason and Cameron over to help.. I would like to point out a few key elements of this initial picture.. 1) i was in a lawn chair in the middle of the yard with my camera 2) ryan has no shoes on 3) Jason is wearing flip flops 4) this piece of equipment has a hand crank, no motor) 5) we do not have a lot of money invested in this item, it was the challenge 6) the boys had a quick (20 second) "safety" meeting.. this consisted of "it it starts to go, let it fall"

This was the first attempt to get the muti-hundred pound entertainment center over the railing..
This was the moment that the boys realized they were about 5 inches short of clearing the deck.. Crank it back down boys....This is Rusty..Jason's dog who kept me company in the lawn chair..
This is the second attempt to get it over the railing.. note: they were smart enough to flip the unit in order to clear the deck...
SUCCESS!!! Seriously, we are leaving this beast with the house when we move.. Free of charge!

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