Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Being (almost) 2 is SO much fun!!

Mommy gives me baths in the sink Daddy taught me how to drink out of the faucet and spit it into the sink.. yes, mom is very excited about this...NOT!
Daddy takes me on rides on the Rhino.. yes, we must put on our seat belts.. safety first!
and when Daddy is done..Gma is always there to take me for a ride..
or I can drive it myself.. (not really people!)
My best friend Fletcher will bring over his Jeep and let me play on it.
and he is sweet enough to be happy in the non motorized car (which I still love!!)
Daddy loves being silly with me.
I can be silly at the dinner table.. Bowl on cheek..
Bowl on face...

bowl on head.. The fun NEVER stops!
I can make cute faces that make my mommy melt.
I have my own CD player that I LOVE to dance to.. thanks Mah for the player and Gma for the CD.
I can breakdance

I crawl out of my bed in the middle of the night (with my monkey of course)

and I have sweet dreams in my new house.
Mommy and Daddy take me to the park
Daddy playing on the playground with me!
I try to be very big and climb the success.
Daddy races on the slides and let's me win!
Mommy does too!
I get to play and play and play
Daddy lets me push him down the slide
and I can slide by myself!Daddy teaches me how to slam dunk (sans pants)

I play in my elmo sprinkler (although I only played for about 2 minutes .. 3 pictures. and then told elmo "night night)
and daddy let's me drag him through the sprinkler in his work clothes. :0

My wonderful new neighbors brought me a motorcycle which I love!

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