Sunday, August 16, 2009

This is the house that Jax built...

Ryan's younger brother Cameron, his wife Marcy and little Jackson moved into their house at the beginning of July. They invited a bunch of us over to a housewarming party.. the funny thing is there were such cute kids that i never to a single picture of their beautiful house.... Oh well, enjoy the pics
Chazman.. not sure what this look is but i love it.
Kynzie and chaz kickin it in the wagon.
Why wouldn't you eat the metal washers? :)
I absolutely love this picture of Fletch.. even with the Cheetos mess all over his face..isn't he a cutie?
Fletcher hiding from the camera..

Another cute little Cheetos face..
and another.. These Cheetos were a hit!
Chaz and Fletcher a great friends. check out Fletcher's face in this one.. HA the man-sized hunger for ice cream makes me giggle.
Adalynn checkin out Jackson's ice doesn't look like he is letting her near it anytime soon

This cute little foursome.. all eating their ice cream.
Somehow my poor brother in law always either volunteers or gets volunteered for these things. Look how many kids are in this wagon (and do take note of the beer in his hand.) He is literally lugging 6-7 kids.. yes i can count but you cannot see all the kids in this picture and we kept adding them in as time went on
they look like they are mad but they were actually having a great time!!
ok there are so many of sweet things about this picture.. One: check out the boxer briefs on Fletcher.. the second Ryan and I saw them we said "chaz will have those once he is potty trained" Two: chaz was not getting off the 4-wheeler to give fletcher a hug, this was the toy of the day so when a kid got it you physically had to pry them off of it Three: the sippy cup that is slung over chaz's shoulder..this is pretty much his "man purse" Four: you cannot deny the sweetness of this hug.. they really are such great friends!
So cute!

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