Monday, July 6, 2009

Summertime begins...

I LOVE summer, always have.... always will. I am a water baby, love putting my feet in grass or sand.. love the heat, pool, beach, fireworks, cookouts, family, friends, camping, laziness, etc, etc, etc......

June has been a fun month of randomness.. If I had to pick a best friend of Chaz's I have to say it would most likely be parents dachshund. he has been there since Chaz was born. Always a protector and an amazing babysitter. He loves Chaz and is constantly at his feet.. Chaz and Kyle spend many hours at a time playing, hugging and chasing each other.. This is them playing fetch and reading..

This is the epitome of a grandparents house, footprints on the hardwoods are perfect....

We are trying to get comfortable with chaz being in and out of the pool this summer so to calm some nerves Papa and Mapa bought chaz a floating swimsuit. Not cure his butt weighs enough to get the full effect but it is still a great suit.. I think it looks like he has built in muscles, hence the muscle picture :)

Below is Chaz and I attacking Daddy with the water gun! Check out the pure "summer fun" grin on his face!! Classic.

Finally i am in a picture and it is halfway decent!

As for this Fathers day night we were at the Hills for dinner as we are all gathered in the front yard getting ready to leave we hear this HUGE bang... we all turn to realize chaz had face planted into the storm door.. Once we calmed him down we noticed the goose egg growing at a rapid rate on his forehead.. WOW! It was HUGE!! He was back to his regular self in less than a minute but had something to show for the head to head meeting with the door. no worries as he was perfectly fine in the more goose egg..

I could not have staged this if i tried... i check on chaz every night before i go to bed.. this is what i found.. he is hilarious even in his sleep.

Here is is baby turtle Papa found in the road. He is really into animal noises right now so mom was going through everything he knows (monkey, tiger, alligator, duck, cow, etc) Then I hear "Chaz, what does a turtle say" ....silence in the house..We all turn and say...."I don't know Gma what does a turtle say" Thank goodness for my dad who stepped in with "turtle, turtle" So now my child child thinks a turtle actually says "turtle, turtle"

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  1. Yah comments! Thanks for fixing this -- and thanks for updating. I love seeing pictures of your munchkin.