Monday, July 6, 2009

Happy marriages begin when we marry the ones we love, and they blossom when we love the ones we marry.

So i have to give people credit who are married for a multitude of years we are going on year 8 and there have already been times when i want to string him up. But in the end i couldn't replace him if i tried (i have already trained him right? Kidding! Kidding!)... Dad's parents were married for 50+ Moms parents were married for 60, Both ryan and my parents have been married for 40+, I have aunts and uncles who have been married for a long time too! and here is a great example --Dad's oldest brother and his wife will celebrate their 50th anniversary this December (technically Christmas Day) So everyone decided we should through them a surprise party...but when? it would not be feasible to do it in why not in June? and that is what we did. Jon and Kathy (their son and daughter-in-law) offered up their home and did a majority of the planning (along with some help) from the giant blow up outdoor theater which showed a great slide show of their lives and the lives of their children/grandchildren (thanks JoeDon) right down to the replica wedding cake (yep, looked just like the original)cute boy.. Man it was hot! I think my skin might have melted off that day!

If he can find a bike he tries to get on it (see last note on vaca blog)
Papa and Chaz playing in the log cabin he grew to love... if you were going to guess that this was not his toy you would be right.. BUT in his defense we weren't at his house BUT to tell the truth it didn't belong to the house either....yet it was the neighbors :)

I told you it was hot!!
Lindsay and baby Sid. So cute.. Actually this is a great picture because Lindz always has closed eyes and I actually caught them open.. yes, it took 5 shots but that is ok. They are both beautiful!
Future celebrity!!
This is Sid's Gramma C.
Me and my precious meme. Oh i love her so!
Ok so here is where the people quiz begins.. JUST KIDDING!! Left to right stagger, keeping couples together. Croy, Glenda, Wesley (dad), Kandis (mom) Jimmy, Cheryl, Marvin and Linda. All the boys are brothers Croy is the oldest and from there it goes Wesley, Marvin and then Jimmy.
Who says old people can't have fun!
And since I can remember there has always been a hair comparison picture between all the boys.. Dad always wins. GO DAD!

and about half the cousins/grandcousins/cousins-in-laws--again left to right staggered. Thomas, Katie, Jon, Kathy, Jason, Me, Payton, Ryan, Brantley, Zach, Josh, JoeDon and Rhonda (not pictured: Shane, Lisa, Chaz, Lindsay, Nathan, Sidney, Jaclynn, Kris, Stephanie, Jennifer, Seth, Amanda, Lauren) and we can be fun too!!

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