Friday, May 22, 2009

March in a large nutshell

So when i say march in a nutshell i mean a very oversized, extra large, supersize nutshell. I have a lot of pictures to share.. enjoy!

So on the 1st of march, yes 1st of march --we woke up to a big surprise...SNOW! I have to say it is so much fun to have a little one who likes to run and play outside, he enjoyed the snow.. that was until his little shoes got wet..

This is what happens when you put a bunch of little ones together for dinner... they get bored and start getting into things. Luckily my mother-in-law is a very good sport about the whole thing. Everytime chaz is at her house he completely destroys the tupperware drawer. Poor jackson is simply guilty by association...he never starts it but rather chooses to participate once chaz has created a mess....

And so we have began potty training. He is 18months in this picture and telling me "no mommy. go" he wanted me to go away, I guess the boy needs his privacy but have you met me?? i feel an overwhelming need to document every moment of this sweet little boy's life.. including his first pee... which he did the first day!!!

Sadly the one and only Razorback baseball game we attended this year... It is rather difficult with a little one who loves to run.. oh well, maybe next year

Well as many of you know we broke ground on our house this march. we are so excited about our new house. the plan is for it to be done in july. it will be big enough for us to have company stay over and expand our family.. to be clear mom and rhonda there are no plans currently in the works on that last statement ;)

and of course no matter how much we know we are not to climb on the equipment we had to let chaz up on the bulldozer.. it would be abuse if we just "showed" it to him..
and then he had to be the first to "breakground"

his daddy taught him to "show his tusks" he is a razorback afterall!

I will miss living right down the road from the park, great times!
chaz making an attempt to blow bubbles. he tends to put the wand in his mouth and then blow.. oh well he will figure it out someday..

So one morning i was getting ready for work and i hear ryan say "teresa you better come in here" i am sure all you moms out there know that is not a good sign.. well when i went into see the baby i saw this... yes it looks like my son either went 10 rounds with Tyson or is going on a casting call for Rocky 22. .. needless to say we went to the dr. that day to find out he had two very bad ear infections and an infection in his eye.. how did i miss this?? he didn't change mood, eating habits, etc... oh the guilt of a mother..

and why wouldn't my baby put on his daddy's tiger print boxers?? wait, why does my husband have tiger boxers? wait, why did my parents buy them for him for christmas? wait, why did i just say that much??

chaz loves brooms and cleaning supplies the like. ... when we visit the Schmidt's he goes immediately for the broom... this night we had to pry it from his little bitty fingers in order to get him to bed. look at that face (no not the knot on his head but the eyes saying, step away from my broom lady!)

the bump doesn't look near as bad as it did in person but for some odd reason ever since he was 10 months old and took a header into an iron cowboy at gmas he cannot hit his head anywhere else.. everytime he falls we have a large blue/black mark in this same spot...

why wouldn't we have a mohawk and beard made out of bubbles..... daddy strikes again

So this was probably one of our funniest days to date... my kid thinks he is about sixteen years old. he is smart, sassy and oh so funny... well anyways ryan was at work and i was finishing something on the computer (probably very important facebooking :) i look over and see my "sweet" little boy standing on his table.. Of course i grab the camera and take a picture of him doing wrong ... and then put him on the naughty spot.. well after serving his time, he went back to playing.. within a few minutes he was standing on the table again, before i could even threaten to put him in the naughty spot he jumped down and said "no, no, no" then placed himself in the spot... this happened a good 6 times. hands down the funniest thing ever.. Why does he need me if he can self discipline???

and then once all that was said and done he grabbed a notebook of mine that is off limits... said "no, no, no" and took the book and himself to the naughty spot.. Oh what to do???

One day when he came home from daycare he kept saying "bite" i figure once again he bit someone at daycare -- yes this has been an on going issue for months.. did i mention he is my "sweet" baby boy?? well then he showed me the bite.. i looked at ryan and said "WHAT??. who bit my baby??" He then pointed out the fact that chaz had been eating kids for a good 6 months and what goes around come around.. first lesson learned :)

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