Sunday, May 31, 2009

I never knew the love of my mother until I became one myself...

Mothers day 09.

We spent the beginning of the weekend with my parents, the end of the weekend with the Hills. it was a fantastic monther's day weekend. when i got home these beautiful flowers were on my front doorstep.

chaz loves to run and play in papa and mapa's backyard. noticed the rolled up newspaper in my mom's hand, this is not for chaz but for the new puppies they just got.

this is chaz and spike. he calls him "pike" and tells him "no, no, no"

When children go missing at the hill hours we usually start looking in the bathroom. i don't know what the draw is but they love to play in the bathroom. chaz and anna both had a broom and were playing. chaz kept running to the door and shutting it. he did not want me to take pictures.

Happy Brandon!

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