Sunday, May 3, 2009

I have come to the conclusion.. i am old

So this year i turned 31.. I am old. Ryan planned a great birthday for me this year (as usual) We took Chaz to my parents house for the night & went out for dinner and drinks with friends. It was such a great time. I acutally thought maybe 5 people would show up (it was on Valentines Day) but instead I think almost every friend i have showed up!! We had to have a separate room in the restaurant to hold us all!
This is me and Sally.

Ryan, me, mike, cam, marcy and meghan.. The Hill kids out without the kiddos!!

Ryan and I with two of our best friends -- Mike and Destiny!!

The next day we had a party at my parents house. We also celebrated my cousin's 40th birthday. My dad hid in the other room and fed chaz cake.. he loved it, did i mention he doesn't get sweets very often?

My sweet sweet meme reading the little guy a book. Love her!!

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