Sunday, May 31, 2009

Happy (odd) Birthday old man!

ok so this is a funny one.... Ryan's birthday is the 26th of may. This year it falls on the Tuesday after memorial day. A few weeks back he tells me we are having his birthday dinner at his parents house the sunday after his birthday, although i thought this was odd--i asked no questions, put it on the calendar and kept on moving.. SO fast forward to memorial day weekend. Ryan and I had a wedding to go to on saturday night so chaz stayed with my parents. Sunday morning we headed to bentonville to spend the rest of the rainy weekend with my family. about 6 o'clock i hear ryan yelling from the bathroom "Teresa! Teresa! come here, we have a MAJOR problem" Of course my first thought was "yuck he is in the bathroom and has a problem, i probably do not want to go there" but I went anyways. Note: everyone in the house heard this and was quite concerned. when i get bakc there he is rushing to change from his swimsuit to his shorts, he then tells me that the Hill family is at his mom and dads waiting on us for his birthday dinner-OOPS! Looks like we misunderstood the day for the event! HA! So since chaz was already in his pjs we left him with mom and rushed to fayetteville for ryan's birthday dinner. When we got there everyone was joking around about ryan being late for everything. in my defense this is the first time in our 11 years that the plans were not directly told to me by the family...see what happens?!?!?! anyway below is the one and only picture of the event - Anna and ryan blowing out candles.

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