Monday, May 25, 2009

The boy with no hair gets a trim...

So this is a day i really thought would never come. Chaz is not the kid with a ton of hair therefore his first haircut didn't come until 4-4-09, yep he was almost 19 months old!! and to tell you thr truth he really didn't get a big haircut. He began to develop what we call "wings" or what the rest of the world affectionatly calls a mullet.. So one morning we traveled to the greatest hair cutting place on earth...Meme's house. My meme is a retired beautician and I could think of no one better to give chaz his first haircut. It really meant a lot to her.
Here she is spraying the wings, chaz is not so sure what is going on.

Here is that not so sure face from the front angle :)
Chaz wasn't really wanting to sit still so gpa was off to the right feeding him treats. halfway into the haircut chaz decided he was a hairstylist and would give his gma a new do.

and the results.. i told you there wasn't much but i would not let my sweet little boy walk around with a mini mullet..

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